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Dumb and Dumber - The Buttcrack Song

A short fragment of the song, as heard in the film (repeated several times).

"2 Ft. O' Buttcrack" is a song featured in the soundtrack for the film Dumb and Dumber. The song is heard briefly during the diner scene in the first half of the movie. Only the lyrics "2 foot of butt crack was all I could see," are audible before the sound fades out. The end credits of the movie list the song as being performed by a band called Circle the Wagon.

According to the Wikipedia article on Dumb and Dumber, the only known copy is somewhere in the possession of New Line Cinema.[1]

In an interview with The Hour, Canadian actor Bruce Greenwood claims to actually be the man singing in the song, and that Circle the Wagon was misattributed during the production.[2]

An edited version of the song excerpted from the movie has surfaced on YouTube.com/JoeSmith88

UPDATE: 3rd December, 2015 - YouTube channel YouTube.com/JoeSmith88 uploaded a rough cut version of the song 2 Ft O' Butt Crack on the 3rd January, 2015. The video got a lot of views and "likes" and actually got comments from Billy Goodrum who said to have a full copy and was going to find this. The account turned out to be real and he found and uploaded the original song in its entirety after seeing how much love the video/my video got. Billy Goodrum's official YouTube page is https://www.youtube.com/user/billygoodrum and the video can be found here of the song in full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TX_wUhvH5M&feature=youtu.be. The story behind who should of been credited for the song (Circle the Wagon or Bruce Green) was that Circle the Wagon was the band and Bruce Greenwood was on Lyrics, So it was Circle the Wagon - 2 Ft. O' Buttcrack (ft. Bruce Greenwood). On the Original rough cut video YouTube.com/JoeSmith88 posted, Billy Goodrum actually tells the story behind the whole song.

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