From what I remember Nickelodeon BAM was a Vido Clip that I saw on the internet in maybe 2006 to 2010 I'm not sure. It was a Highly Edited Clips From Disney shorts or movies of were the Characters often either are getting knocked out or fall asleep in "extreme" ways. The Narrator being male and highly energetic and every short clip ended with the word "Bam". I don't remember much from the site itself sadly it was mostly grey and ether had games or videos on the right-hand side. What I also remember was, in Elementary school, I saw it with a friend and on the same day, I saw "Happy Tree Friends" the little Gory and gruesome animated stuff that scared me enough to not sleep well for 3 days after that. the only thing I remember from that was that two were dancing and one got to hold close to the edge of a box with like robotic teeth and the got pushed in and subsequently dying in a bloody mess.

One Particular Clip

One that I can remember clearly was Donald Duck going on a crazy high snow skating ramp and doing some tricks. He ended up Failing and ether rolling like a snowball into a log cabins window and being catapulted into a bed or he broke through a window hit the wall behind the bed and fell then under the blanket. with the narrator saying either in German or in English "And good Bam".

That particular clip always stayed in life with me so far it would be amazing to find it or even the whole Clip.

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