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"Where Monsters Dwell" is a horror story written by Basil Woolverton in the mid 1950s for Marvel Comics. It was printed in the then anthology comic "Strange Tales" and was the only one of his stories ever to be published without its original splash panel. It had been severed ftom the page and replced completely.


The story itself is routine Woolverton - in it, a man's induced by a scientist to travel with him to another dimension where he encounters a group of twisted monsters who are actually the doctor's previous test subjects. They attack the two men, who flee back to their home dimension and destroy the portal. The splash panel, which was drawn by another artist completely, shows a man clutched in a giant's hand and has Basil Woolverton's name in the corner. Unfortunately, the monsters in the story are human sized.


It's not even known what Basil's original title for his story was - "Where Monsters Dwell" is Marvel's title. The artist who did the splash panel was probably Joe Maneely, an artist who was working on the BLACK KNIGHT series at that time, drawing the storiea of the original Crusader as well.


The Strange World of Basil Woolverton (compilationn of stories of which "Monsters" is the second), 1995, Dark Horse Comics