This is the Hebrew dub of Blue's Clues. Very little is known about this dub, It aired on Hop!, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr, although there are two clips online with this version of the show.

One is a credits sequence, in Hebrew text:

The second one is a clip of a little girl playing along with the show. It is from season 1, and does include the Hebrew version of the theme song:

UPDATE 1 (December 23, 2017): BoyInCharge55 here. I found a video on Nick Jr's Hebrew website that contains a video of this dub. Keep in mind I couldn't get it to play on older versions of iOS.

UPDATE 2 (December 23, 2017): I found another version of this dub's theme song. This adds a choir of women in the song, which I haven't heard on any other version.

UPDATE 3 (January 2, 2018): Someone uploaded a Hebrew clip of "Blue's Favorite Song" on their Google Drive. I'm posting a YouTube video that has the link.

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