ToddWorld was an American-Canadian Flash animated children's television series created by Todd Parr and Gerry Renert through their California based company SupperTime Entertainment. The show was produced by Mike Young Productions, an animation studio based in California.

The series aired on TLC, Discovery Kids and ¡Sorpresa! in the United States, in the United Kingdom on CBeebies, and in Australia on ABC Kids (Australia).

The series continued to air on TLC until 2007 and Discovery Kids until 2008, and aired on Qubo, Kabillion and Ultra Kidz in the United States until as late as 2019.


Baraem Preschool Channel Jingle

Baraem promo featuring scenes from various shows. If you skip to 1:12 you can see ToddWorld scenes in it.

ToddWorld would be sent to many countries in the world and be dubbed in other languages even making it to the Middle East and airing in Arabic as "عالم تود" on Jeem TV and Baraem in 2009. The only potential evidence of it is a Baraem video with scenes from various that had a few ToddWorld scenes in it and this poster.

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