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The 7D had a Japanese dub, but only the theme song is available. The title for the Japanese dub was ハイ・ホー7D (translation High-Ho 7D.)

Characters (credit to The 7D Fandom)

  • Sneezy くしゃみ (Kushami) - Sneeze
  • Sleepy ねぼすけ (Nebosuke) - Person who oversleeps/Sleepyhead
  • Doc せんせい (Sensei) - Teacher, but you also say this to a doctor
  • Happy ごきげん (Gokigen) - Happy, cheery, merry, being in high spirits
  • Dopey おとぼけ (Otoboke) - Feigned ignorance, someone who plays dumb and Sometimes Funny.
  • Bashful てれすけ (Teresuke) - Tere comes from 照れ, which means bashfulness and suke is commonly used to indicate a person
  • Grumpy - おこりんぼ (Okorinbo) - A short-tempered or irritable person
  • Lord Starchbottom きまじめ男爵 (Kmajime danshaku) - "No-nonsense Baron"
  • Queen Delightful しあわせ女王 (Shiawase joō) - "Happy Queen"


  • Sneezy - Sneeze
  • Sleepy - Nebosuke
  • Doc - Sensei
  • Happy - Good luck
  • Bashful - Teresuke
  • Grumpy - Okorinbo
  • Dopey - Otoboke
  • Lord Starchbottom - No-nonsense Baron
  • Queen Delightful - Happy Queen



  • The theme uses the NTSC instrumental version, and also uses the the international version
  • Sleepy, Doc, Bashful, Grumpy, and Dopey have name translations that are gibberish Japanese words.
  • The partial title card used in the theme translates to "That's big" (おおきくなあれ) Which could be the episode "The Littlest Giants"
  • Theres also Another Episode For the Japanese Dub that Translates to Alone Forever,Its Taken from Gnome Alone
  • Theres a Full Episode Found on a Japanese Website,It Has "Thats Big" And "Alone Forever".