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Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala is a 1992 Australian animated adventure comedy film directed by Yoram Gross and distributed by his Sydney-based production company Yoram Gross Film Studio.

The film tells the story of Blinky Bill’s childhood with his animal friends in the Australian bush. The peace and charm of their existence is shattered by the destruction of their homes by humans. Blinky Bill rallies his friends, in a series of exciting adventures, as they battle to protect their homes from destruction and as he rescues his mother from captivity. The animation is superimposed over live-action footage of the Australian bush, which was filmed on location in a farm at Bobin.

Japanese Title: ブリンキー・ビル

Japan: 16 August 1994 (video premiere)

Japan: 8 April 1995


ブリンキー・ビル (1992) -Blinky Bill- The Mischievous Koala JAPANESE DUB-

A Japanese VHS of the dub.