Back in Late January 1999, The Disney Channel launched a preschool block called Playhouse Disney. One of the show they aired was 101 Dalmatians (Which was not a preschool show), which aired from when the block launched until July 16, 1999.

101 Dalmatians featured the misadventures of three little pups and a chicken. Lucky was the leader, Rolly loved eating, Cadpig was sweet, yet fierce, and Spot the Chicken was nervous, yet helpful and wanted to be a dalmatian. The lived on a farm with their owners Roger and Anita Dearly. There was also Crella De Vill who always plotted to steal the farm.

So far, no recordings have been found of 101 Dalmatians on Playhouse Disney. That is, except for this. At 0:04, Cadpig is looking at a telescope

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