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In 2011, a Bandcamp page for "Big Heavy World", a record label out of Vermont, was made. Quickly, albums were added. All except for one is still available to be purchased/listened to. 242.01 The Bands of 242 Main is the only album from research that can not be even listened to. Very few songs have been made available online. However, from the Bandcamp page for the album, we have a tracklist and the album art.



# Artist Song Title
1. Pleasant Tense The New Way
2 Suffer The Masses Advancement
3 Absolute Zero Annie May
4 River City Rebels Religion
5 S.T.M.P Time Kills All Pain
6 chainsaws.and.children Isolation
7 Theatre Of Cruelty The Girl Who Stood On A Grave
8 Dysfunkshun Company You Keep
9 The Magic Is Gone Nixon
10 The Bazookas Devil Dog
11 Ninja Death Squad If God Hates Fags (I Hate God)
12 Downslide Spiritscarred
13 Five Seconds Expired Memory
14 5% Joe Letter From Luke
15 Drowningman Angles and Defenses
16 The Halogens Loudmouth
17 Disillusioned Mind Of Doubt
18 Prisoner 13 No Regrets
19 Wreckinghorn UFO
20 Minimus Dirty
21 Dischord Missing Dave
22 Torsion We All Die


so https://bigheavyworld.com/24201-the-bands-of-242-main

i only had to search more and i found where you can listen to them all in high quality

they aren't downloadable but that never stopped anyone

ok so found media now

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