Lost Media Archive

2 Guys and 1 Bar, was a video clip on The Dark Web. It supposedly aired on HBO and never aired again since it first aired in 1999. It was animated by:

Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead creator and King Of The Hill creator): Writing

Biz Markie (Made the song Just A Friend ): Voice Acting, [song on the television they where watching]

Greg Kovacs (Worked on one other type of lost media): Animator

It was never aired again due to being violent, Pornographic, and for having horrible animation.

The guy that had it on The Dark Web deleted it and never went on the internet again. There is nothing found on it anywhere online. Two guys were working on the same clip and decided to make just this one. When they saw Mike Judge they got him to do something else. There was a DS copy but the last owner stopped being active after 2015. There is an ad online that was on 5 seconds before it aired.