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3-2-1 Penguins! is the UK (British English) dub of said show. It was distributed by Word Music from 2001-2002.


  • Tim Brooke-Taylor as Zidgel, Uncle Blobb, and Ventril-O-Matic
  • Neil Morrissey as Midgel and Kevin
  • Rob Rackstraw as Fidgel and Rusty
  • Richard Pearce as Jason Conrad
  • Melissa Sinden as Michelle Conrad

Additional voices:

  • Rob Rackstraw (Larry and other vacuum aliens),
  • Neil Morrissey (some vacuum aliens),
  • Tim Brooke-Taylor (President No-I'm-The-President and some vacuum aliens),
  • David Holt (some vacuum aliens),
  • Chris Evans (President After-You)


  • Pamela Thomas/Annie Walker-Bright/Kymberly Mellen/Ellen Kennedy as Grandmum (except for one line in Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn)


  • Because Jason's "grandma" is changed to "grandmum" in the beginning to [Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn, and because Michelle says it as well, Grandmum's "Oh, that's 'grandmum' to you, you little bugs!" is changed to, "Oh, that's very pleasant of you to come here!"
  • "President" is changed to "prime minister" because prime ministers are the British equivalent to presidents.
  • Jason and Michelle use "telly" rather than "TV," mostly because "telly" is a slang term for television in the United Kingdom.

Fun Facts


  • In real life, 3-2-1 Penguins! used the original version in the United Kingdom.
  • This dub only did the first 3 episodes because of negative reception, as British viewers believed there was no reason to re-dub the series for the United Kingdom, the reason being that episodes were already released in the United Kingdom with the American voices.