3-2-1 Penguins! is a christian sci-fi computer-animated children's direct-to-video/TV series produced by Big Idea Entertainment, best known for VeggieTales.

The show was dubbed into Latin Spanish under the name 3-2-1 ¡Pingüinos! in Miami by BVI Communications, Inc. from 2006-2008 and aired on Qubo in the United States (through SAP) circa 2009. No episodes are available on YouTube, and the few ones on Vimeo have been deleted, making the dub very hard to find.

Nowadays, the program is aired on Canal ISB (Iglesia San Bernardo) in the children's block.

English Name Spanish Name Spanish Voice Actor
Jason Conrad Patricia Azán
Michelle Conrad Paulina Cossio
Zidgel Tomás Doval
Midgel Larry Villanueva
Fidgel Manolo Coego
Kevin Unknown
Grandmum Abuela Vivian Ruiz
King (minor character) Rey Eduardo Wasveiler


  • UPDATE 1: Jonathan Teka and Dr.PepperCherry found a part of the dub of "I Scream, You Scream!" on Dailymotion at one point. Sadly, it is not the full episode and it is also missing the credits as well.
  • UPDATE 2: Dr.PepperCherry found three episodes: Do Unto Brothers, Between an Asteroid and a Hard Place, and Oh, Mercy! Even though they don't have credits, it's still acceptable! And yes, we FINALLY get to hear how Grandmum sounded like in this dub!
  • UPDATE 2.5: This is WAY late, but I posted "I Scream, You Scream!" on YouTube; the channel is Intertoons, Inc.
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