31 Minutos (roughly meaning 31 Minutes in Spanish) is a Chilean children's series that acts as a parody of the 1980's news program 60 Minutos, the series aired on the Chilean TV channel TVN (which ironically also aired 60 Minutos) and Nickelodeon Latinamerica, recently, re-runs of it are shown on Cartoon Network Latinamerica and Boomerang Latinamerica

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The series follows Tulio Triviño and Juan Carlos Bodoque, a monkey and a red rabbit that host the news program 31 Minutos which shows news and teaches kids somethings (ex. Taking care of nature), and also, the most unique thing of show is that it has a section called Ranking Top, which shows songs.

What many fans of the show don't know is that there was a Brazilian dub that aired exclusively in Nickelodeon Brazil, currently, the only things that have been found of the dub are a few songs of the Ranking Top (some of which were uploaded in the official Youtube channel of 31 Minutos), a 2 minute clip and the Brazilian trailer of the show's movie.


31 Minutos, O Filme- Trailer

Brazilian trailer for the movie

EDIT: Two good news, I managed to find the episode "El fin del mundo" in Portuguese, and the channel has started to upload episode in Portuguese!, The only dubbed episodes to have been uploaded are "E


31 minutos - Episódio 1*10 - O maguinho (em Português)

l Maguito" and "Risotron", I'll put videos below for you to see


31 minutos - Especial Fim do Mundo - em Português

EDIT 2: The official 31 minutos YouTube channel has uploaded the latter half of the first season AND just about the entire second season in Portuguese!


31 minutos - Episódio 1*13 - Risotrón (em Portugués)

Voice actors

31 Minutos

Luiz Laffey - Tulio Triviño

Marcelo Pissardini - Juan Carlos Bodoque

Tatá Guarnieri - Juanín Juan Harry/Mario Hugo

Alfredo Rollo - Policarpo Avedaño/Mico El Micófono

Cecília Lemes - Patana Tufillo

Additional Voices

Luiz Laffey, Marcelo Pissardini, Alfredo Rollo, Tatá Guarnieri, Cecília Lemes, Wendel Bezerra

Dubbing Studios

Álamo (1-2 Season) Unidub (3-4 Season)

31 Minutos - La Película

Márcio Garcia - Tulio Triviño

Guilherme Briggs - Juan Carlos Bodoque

Daniel de Oliveira - Juanín Juan Harry

Mariana Ximenes - Cachirula de los Cachirulos

Felipe Grinnan - Mario Hugo

Cláudio Galvan - Policarpo Avendaño

Lina Mendes - Patana Trufillo

Mário Monjardim - Balón Von Bola

Clécio Souto - Mico El Micófono

Duda Espinoza - Raúl Guantecillo

Hamiltom Ricardo - Tío Horácio

Paulo Vignollo - Huachimingo

Luiz Carlos Persy - Tío Pelado

Rodrigo Fonseca - Dante Torobolino, El Maguito Explosivo

Fernando Lopes - Tennison Salinas

Alexandre Moreno - Guaripollo

Additional Voices

Carmen Sheila, Tiago Magalhães, Marcelo Garcia, Marcos Dinodet, Mauro Ramos, Iara Riça, Ronaldo Júlio, Philippe Maia, Fernado Lopes, Sérgio Fortuna, Hamiltom Ricardo, Sérgio Stern, Fernanda Baronne, Flávia Saddy, Ricardo Juarez, Aurélio de la Pena, Irina Neves

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