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The Care Bears franchise was revived in 2002 and Nelvana was commissioned to create a series of CGI movies to promote the reboot. Two films, Care Bears: Journey to Joke a Lot and The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie, have been released but there is one unknown-titled film that has been unreleased and possibly unproduced.

According to LTPHarry, a system operator on the Care Bears wiki, Nelvana, the Canadian animation studio responsible for making the two released CGI movies Journey to Joke-A-Lot and Big Wish Movie, was planning to make a 3rd CGI Care Bears movie. They were about to start production, but production ended once American Greetings purchased their Care Bears stuff. LTPHARRY claims he read it somewhere online, but forgotten where the link to the source was. Once the source has been found, it will be linked in the article.

Unlike the other two Care Bears Nelvana CGI movies which are available on YouTube and some streaming services, no material of this movie has surfaced online except for the unknown source, and it is unknown if production had even started. It is also unknown what the movie was about or which Care Bear the movie was to focus on.

Here is the comment confirming the movies existence: https://carebears.fandom.com/wiki/The_Care_Bears%27_Big_Wish_Movie

(Scroll down to the comments section for the information, it should be the first comment on the top)

The cover for the first Nelvana CGI movie. This one, along with Big Wish Movie, is more easy to find on the Internet than the unreleased 3rd one.