"Gimme Five" is a 40-second public information film from the Department of Health, promoting the government's 5 a Day campaign, which was first aired in 2004. Created by the COI (Central Office of Information), the filler featured a group of teenage boys playing a game of basketball in an echoey school sports hall surrounded by upbeat music. The team throws various fruits and vegetables through the netted hoop, rather than an ordinary basketball, resulting the score was 5-4. At the end, they all high-five each other whilst one of the players shouts out:- "Eat a variety of 5, feel alive!". The final frame features the Government's 5 a Day & the NHS logos, with the website URL. The PIF aired on BBC1 (after Weatherview), ITV1 (late nights or before children's programmes), Channel 4, Five (before Milkshake! or before The Wright Stuff) as well as various digital cable channels between 2004 and 2007. Sadly, this film is lost media as it's nowhere to be found online. It is still archived on the Government's National Archives website, but it is not playable.

UPDATE:- This film is now playable on the Government's National Archives, so now it is confirmed found.

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