666, usually referred to as Username: 666, was a YouTube user/channel.

Channel (Terminated/Lost permanently)

The account was created some time between February 14, 2005[1]-February 26, 2008[2]. It also was suspended between the two previously mentioned dates, as there's no WayBack machine archive or credible source that shows the channel before being suspended.

The account could very likely have been suspended immediately when it was made for including the "Number of the Beast" in its name. The user 666 was terminated completely between June 20, 2010[3]-March 29,2011.[4] It may have been resumed at certain points before being terminated, but this is unlikely.

Activity (Existence unconfirmed)

Supposedly, the channel not only used the "Number of the Beast" as its name, but lived up to its name - it involved demonic ideas within its videos and channel theme.

A creepypasta states (although it's almost definitely fake) "The channel had posted a ton of gore porn and blood fetish that the user was recently removed for playing with the TOS."[5] The witness of the channel apparently claimed this in 2006, some time before the channel was suspended. The mentioned posts on the channel were likely the main reason for the suspension, if they were genuine.

On March 9th, 2020, TheTekkitRealm made a video showing an archive of a 4chan post. By viewing the page HTML, 3 of the videos names can be seen, 666, Omega annult lustful, and 私の人形は私の友達で (My doll is my friend).

The only known screenshot of the channel to exist

An archive of a Google forum post by Malik Walton in 2007 was found. The videos were in fact graphic and disturbing. Google saw the channel and as a result, the channel got terminated. The forum post apparently got automatically deleted in 2014.

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