666 usually referred to as Username: 666 was a YouTube user/channel.

Channel (Terminated/Lost permanently)

The account was created some time between February 14, 2005[1]-February 26, 2008[2]. It also was suspended between the two previously mentioned dates as there's no WayBack machine archive or credible source that shows the channel before being suspended. The account could very likely have been suspended immediately when it was made for having the name being the "Number of the Beast". The user 666 was terminated completely between June 20, 2010[3]-March 29,2011.[4] It may have been resumed at certain points before being terminated but this is unlikely.

Activity (Existence unconfirmed)

Supposedly the channel not only used the "Number of the Beast" as it's name but lived up to it's name by being very demonic in theme and it's videos. A creepy-pasta states (Although it's almost definitely fake) "The channel, had posted a ton of gore porn and blood fetish that the user was recently removed for playing with the TOS."[5] The witness who saw this apparently did in 2006 some time before the channel was suspended. The mentioned posts on the channel were likely the main reason for the suspension if they were real.

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Channel ever existing and being suspended

Channel ever existing and being suspended.

Oldest credible source to prove existence and suspension

Username 666 Debunked

Username 666 Debunked

Video showing the little information avaible

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