Lost Media Archive

This video game was being developed at Atomic Games. It was a survival horror game (not in the traditional sense) set in, you guessed it, Fallujah, revolving around the Iraq war between in Americans. The game never made it through development, and was even dubbed as "unfindable" by the public due to the obscurity and controversy surrounding its premise.

In July 2009, it was announced that due to the controversial nature surrounding the game, Konami was suspending its own role as publisher. When Atomic Games couldn't find a new publisher, it was first revealed that the game was cancelled and the studio may be closing.

In August, 2009, Atomic Games announced the game was not cancelled and merely on hold. However, it was also revealed that out of the 75 of their staff over a dozen had been let go and the studio was pretty much dead.

In march, 2010, it was revealed that the game had been complete, but remained unreleased as of 2014.

In 2012, Sony revealed they had considered publishing the game, and later that month, Atomic Games' president, Peter Tamte, revealed that the game definitely wasn't cancelled and meant a lot to the studio.