¨ 6Teen (Dezasseis na europa portuguesa e Seis Dezesseis no portugues brasileiro) e um cartoon canadense feito por Nelvana e Teletoon

In United States, it aired in Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network

In Canada, aired in Teletoon

In Brazil, aired in Boomerang

In Portugal, was aired in Panda Biggs (now called Biggs)

Found stuff

Bumper from 6teen (with english intro) from Panda Biggs

Intro (in a multilanguange) of the cartoon at 5:56

The names of the characters in Portugal by wikipedia

Jonesy: Joaquim

Jude: João

Wyatt: Hélio

Jennifer (Jen): Gina

Caitlin: Catarina

Nicole (Nikki): Nina


June, 10 2019: Jonesy's dubber is Tiago Retrê, Jude is Mario Bomba and Cantlin is by Carla Garcia


Partially found

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