ACTUALLY HAPPENED is an animated story channel on YouTube made by TheSoul Publishing. On June 8th 2020, all of the videos were privated and the channel has stayed inactive ever since. In response to this, TheSoul Publishing removed the channel from their list of "most popular brands". Many of the videos have been reviewed, downloaded, while the rest are now lost.


Actually Happened is CRINGE

Includes some videos made by ACTUALLY HAPPENED


Actually happened test-2

YouTube Reviews


What Happened To Actually Happened?

fragments of ACTUALLY HAPPENED videos are in this video

Many YouTube channels have reviewed and criticized the contents of this channel, in addition to TheSoul Publishing's other channels. One of the better known of these channels, Jarvis Johnson, has done many videos reviewing ACTUALLY HAPPENED's content. Around the same time ACTUALLY HAPPENED privated their videos, Jarvis Johnson made a video, trying to talk about what he thinks happened.


Fake Animated Stories Are Still Awful

The video contains a long fragment of an ACTUALLY HAPPENED video


Así es la vida ¿Qué paso REALMENTE con EL CANAL ?

Includes fragments of the videos by the Mexican version of ACTUALLY HAPPENED which is ASÍ ES LA VIDA


Why Is YouTube Trending This Fake Channel? (Actually Happened)

Includes I Broke Up With My GF Because Of Potatoes and some other ACTUALLY HAPPENED videos

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