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A Gaspocket Adventure: Aliens Ate My Cookies was a 2001 PC point-and-click adventure game developed and ultimately cancelled by Humongous Entertainment, intended to be made by their then up-and-coming division Gaspocket Adventures. The game was to center on a character named Miss Hap, investigating rumors and signs of alien visitations. Unlike all of the other point-and-click games released by Humongous up to this point, this game was going to be fully pre-rendered in 3D rather than hand-drawn.

The project only made it as far as being a demo before it was canned. The reason being was that Infogrames, Humongous's parent company in 2001, did not have faith in a game featuring a female protagonist and ordered the game to be shelved. The demo went unreleased for a multitude of years, until a former developer released a long-kept copy to the public. This demo features the lead character desiring to become a photo journalist, and is sent to take at least fifteen pictures to help out a character who needs them sent off for a magazine contest.

The demo is obviously not quite representative of what would have eventually been the final product, or possibly even the final demo if it were to have been developed further. The character is referred to as "Jessie" in the demo rather than Miss Hap that was decided on later, and it has a small tendency to crash. How much development the game got after this demo was compiled remains to be known. However, it does provide a small glimpse of what the game was about -- the intro features a flying saucer crashing to the Earth, and one of the four screens features this saucer's impact with three aliens occasionally appearing near it. There are also two side characters shown in this demo, Hap's brother (named "Kid" here) and Professor Crabcracker, the one who wants to get the pictures sent. The end of the demo also provides numerous photos of locations that were intended to appear in the final game, such as a beach, an underwater plane wreck, another house, and several other places. Many of these locations can partly be seen on the overhead view of the island that is briefly seen in transition scenes, suggesting the entire game was intended to take place on this island.

Since the game was never finished and the demo is likely the only remnant of the game that exists, this can qualify as media that has been partially found.


A Gaspocket Adventure- Aliens Ate My Cookies Demo (Cancelled Humongous Entertainment Game)