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The title of the special

Although the Wiggles originally aired a TV special where they performed live at Disneyland, another special aired in Late 2003 or Early 2004 on the same network.

The entire special was filmed in Asia in countries such as China and Japan. It is rumored that there were three songs being featured but only one has been found while the rest are behind the scenes-only. The special also includes the Wiggles walking the great wall of China. The three songs featured were "I Climb Ten Stairs", "Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep On His Pirate Ship" and "Take A Trip Out On The Sea".

Like the Disneyland special, it was never released on home video and has never been shown on the Internet, although the special features version (seen on the 2004 DVD of Cold Spaghetti Western) was published on YouTube and is still available as of 2020.



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