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DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with Violent, Sexual, Profane, and/or Drug-Related Content. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

DISCLAIMER: This article (or part of it) deals with disturbing topics, including themes of rape, murder, abuse, drugging, crime, disaster, tragedy, and etc. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

in 2011 a MS Paint animation called "A lovely day to see Garfield". It was on sheezyart and YouTube and Plot of Jon brutally Murdering Garfield and While Jon laughs, The Ghost of Garfield Teleports Jon Where Every character Sexy Is In rule 34 With Everyone Having sex with each over except Jon and Odie Being Scared but ran over by a car and Garfield laughing at him. It was taken down for the fact Of Nudity And Murder in it. In 2014 The Creator of the videos account was taken down due to Him Re-Uploading The video Several times. It remains lost to Time


On march 3rd 2011 a MS Paint Microsoft animation was uploaded To sheezyart YouTube and possibly Newgrounds And was NSFL And done by the animator "Spazkid" And About Rule 34, Murder, Killing animals, ETC and Was Taken down 5 Days later And By a anonymous channel Identified as Spazkid's channel. It was Archived in Newgrounds flash files but destroyed after A Newground 2.1 Update wiping out 21 Animations. Garfield Himself Never Had screenshots or either John or Odie.

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August 5th 2015

On 2015 Sheeyart shut down for good With archives of the animation and Having it Up on the site archived through 2013-2015 and it being flash Which no longer works and The Youtube crew currently owning the video with The crew and Owner/founder of sheezyart. Spazkid No longer Owns it and it Due to the Garfiled team and many Rule 34 Artist's work being used without permission. In 2016 The flash files where Re-used for Many other spazkid's animations.