Abadas Is a British animated TV series which premiered on Cbeebies, S4C, RTE Jr And BBC Alba on 24th October 2011, It focuses on a 6-year-old boy Ben who has a cherished pop up book that lives 3 animals named Hari The Hippo, Ela The Fox And Seren The Bat, Before the show premiered in the UK, An unaired pilot was made somewhere in 2010, Ela almost stayed the same while Hari and Seren Swapped their colors in the unaired pilot. So far, Only pieces of footage have been found on a animators reel, https://vimeo.com/44055807 Krystal Georgi was the lead animator for the unaired pilot, Luke Hyde also worked on the pilot along with the final show,

EDIT: I Found A Video Of The Abadas Pilot, But There's No Audio And It's 13 Seconds https://www.mediafire.com/file/vya6ufj41yiqgxq/13_Second_Footage_of_The_Abadas_Pilot.mp4/file

UPDATE 04/05/2021 More Footage Has Been Found! https://youtu.be/Sdq5tsFADgc


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