Action Mario and Luigi Plush was an early webseries made by MeltingMan234. The show was inspired by the Cute Mario Bros, one of the first examples of a Super Mario plush toy series, where people act out skits with toys from Mario and various other franchises.

AMaLP ran for 7 episodes (technically 13 as every episode but the pilot was split into two parts) from August 2009 to August 2010. In addition, a bonus video called "Action Mario and Luigi Plush leftovers" was uploaded in August 2014, covering the behind-the-scenes of it.

An episode called "Sonic gets OWNED" was released following the pilot, but the first part was deleted from YouTube during or before 2018. A twitter response by MeltingMan234 to the question of its absence revealed that it had been initially blocked due the copyrighted music the video used. Not wanting to ruin the episode with YouTube's tools, he deleted the video completely.


The episode was about Sonic the Hedgehog breaking his back whilst bungie-jumping. Whilst Mario and Luigi find who is responsible, he is then kidnapped. There is also a scene where a character puts on some music to annoy Sonic.


Since it's deletion, the original creator has stated plans to remake the episode. His "leftovers" video also stated in the description that he was going to "delete some old stuff", suggesting that the original footage may be gone. There may be a chance that it could be re-uploaded.

Bloopers and Alternate endings of Part 2

The "leftovers" video also shows some deleted takes from the episode, such as Sonic bungie-jumping. In addition, it is explained that there were two alternate endings for part 2 that were scrapped:

  1. Sonic still hanging upside down whilst dancing to the song "I am" whilst the credits would roll, stating how he likes that song and asking why it doesn't play in his games. This was cut due to not making any sense as Sonic is freed by the end of part 2.
  2. All of the cast dancing to "Caramel Dancing." The motion would have been achieved either by pushing the couch mattress from underneath to simulate the movement or by moving the characters by hand. Neither of these methods worked as to why this ending was scrapped.

These two ending are shown in the video albeit with the creator commenting over it. However, it's likely that no proper audio was actually made for it.


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