Ad of the Year/Decade was an annual ITV clip show, showcasing the best adverts from the past year or decade. It was narrated by Ben Shephard and was aired between 2009-2011. The first edition Ad of the Decade aired on 20th December 2009 on ITV1, celebrating the 20 iconic TV adverts from the Noughties. Hovis "Go on Lad" (2008) took the top spot. The following 2 editions of Ad of the Year aired on 30th December 2010 & 28th December 2011 respectively. 2010's winner was Thinkbox "Every Home Needs a Harvey", whilst 2011's champion was Cravendale's "Cats With Thumbs". After 2011, no further editions were made, therefore it had been axed in 2012.


Unfortunately, all 3 countdowns are lost media, after the show's end in 2011. However, there are some clips of it that are still available online (but no full episodes). A vlogger had uploaded the first Ad of the Decade edition on YouTube, in 4 separate parts, but has since then been suspended, meaning it's no longer available to watch online.

Clips that are available

From Ad of the Decade (2009):- Cadbury's Dairy Milk "Eyebrows" (2009), VW Golf "Singing in the Rain" (2005) , Cadbury's Dairy Milk "Gorilla" (2007), Honda "Cog" (2003), Compare the Market "Compare the Meerkat" (2009), Skoda "Cake" (2007) and Hovis "Go on Lad" (2008). The opening titles can be found at the very end of the upload "ITV1 Continuity - 20th December 2009" from J Harper (formerly ROTSSisalive). From Ad of the Year 2010:- Audi R8 "Spyder", plus actors Danny Miller & Brooke Vincent's opinions on various entries. From Ad of the Year 2011:- Weetabix "Dancer", Old Spice "Smell Like a Man", Heineken "The Entrance" and Cravendale "Cats With Thumbs".

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