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Adibu is a French animated series made in 2007 and got cancelled after only two months. The series was about a little boy named adibu, going on adventures with his robot friend Robitoc (no English name or pronunciation yet). There was also Alicia (just like Robitoc, no English name or pronunciation yet)and Bert. There was also a dog, but he was only used in books. In 2009 Adibu got a Polish dub, with people like Anna Apostolakis and Tomasz Grochoczyński and this Dub is FOUND. There was also aberrantly an Arabic dub, but no Footage has been released yet. There's a Spanish dub. While we have actual footage of the Spanish dub we still don' have that much info. There is also an Italian Dub in a unknown time with Davide Garbolino,the voice of Adibu. No footage has been found yet. There is also a Romanian dub. A Turkish dub exists, so far, only 1 episode is found.

(note: it's unknown if little adibu and adibu are related in any way)

EDIT: I found some Arabic dubbed episodes:

Turkish Dub First Episode:

A photo of adibu


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