Adventures in Lazytown/Ævintýri í Latabæ (Lost LazyTown Play, 2014)

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Ævintýri í Latabæ was a Icelandic children's musical stage play that would have been the third LazyTown play after Áfram Latibær! (1996) and Glanni Glæpur Í Latabæ (1999). It would have been got into production in 2014 but due to either licensing issues or poor reviews, the play was unfortunately cancelled. However, there are a few things related to the play, such as footage for a song called Dansa, áfram Dansa! (which roughly translates to Dance, Keep Dancing!), pictures, as well a trailer for the unreleased play. (Dansa, áfram Dansa! Song) (Ævintýri í Latabæ Trailer)

EDIT 2021/12/31: I have found out who was responsible for the design and construction of the set:

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