As seen here, there was a friend of a user (MT89), who claimed that Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog aired on PBS in some areas (likely because of the "Sonic Says" segments), but so far, only Connecticut Public Television was rumored to air them, and someone else claimed they did watch it there. He informed it aired in between 1994-1996 at 6:30pm, sharing its timeslot with another show. CPTV has 4 stations (WEDH, WEDN, WEDW, WEDY), and it aired on Hartford on WTXX (Waterbury). WTXX was an independent station at the time, but it might've used to be a PBS station possibly in the early 50s. MT89 remembers watching AoStH on in Harlem on WPIX (New York) on weekdays at 8:00am. WPIX was also an independent station at the time. No other evidence to either of those stations airing AoStH are known to exist.

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