Aeon of Strife (Lost Original Starcraft Map 1998)

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The least pixelated screenshot I found.

Aeon of Strife: Battlefield is a StarCraft map made by Gunner_4_ever [1] .

The map was developed and iterated on, and, over time, grew more into what we know today as a MOBA.

"Aeon was a fantastically odd map for Starcraft vets: you controlled only one powerful unit hero, fighting amidst ai-controlled enemies in three lanes. Sound familiar? Aeon of Strife focused much more on towers than modern Dota ever has, with very little terrain outside of the lanes. It also (at first) boasted a roster of only 8 hero units, without any particular special abilities. You spent gold on armor or weapon upgrades. Later versions, however, added some Skills which could be triggered by dropping the appropriate 'activator' unit from a drop-ship in a secluded corner of the map. Still, you bought the ability units with gold, and there was no real concept of levels beyond how many weapon and armor upgrade you had bought." [2]

The map can be freely downloaded, played in StarCraft, and/or opened up in StarCraft Edit, as it is still available to be found online.

Other Screenshots:

Screenshot of "Small, creepy killer" on of the known champions

It'd be interesting to note that we only have got information about two champions of AoS; The first one was Tassadar, and the other one was (literally) "Small, creepy killer", basically a Zerling.

A screenshot of "Tassadar" the most well-known champions of AoS.

If you have the original map, any information on how the original game was back then, a video or a screenshot to give, feel free to edit this page and add them.


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