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AfterMASH promotional image.

AfterMASH was the short-lived sequel to the iconic television sitcom/drama M*A*S*H, and told the story of three alumnus of the 4077th as they made their way in the post-war world and returned to civilian life. The protagonists were Retired Colonel Doctor Sherman T. Potter, his former company clerk Maxwell Q. Klinger, and former company chaplain Father John Francis Patrick Mulcahy. Working as the senior staff in a veterans' hospital in the fictional town of River Bend, Missouri, they were joined by actress Barbara Townsend as Mrs. Mildred Potter, and future Star Trek alumnus Rosalind Chao as Soon-Lee Han Klinger, Max's Korean war bride, whom he married in the ratings blockbuster M*A*S*H series finale. Writer Larry Gelbart, who originally brought MASH to the small screen, was also on board.

The first season was seen as a strong one, and made it to Number 15 in the Nielsen Ratings. But CBS, which felt that the sequel should be as strong as the show it spun off from, attempted retooling with disastrous results. Character development was sacrificed in an effort to make the show 'wacky' like M*A*S*H’s early seasons, which were ironically also some of its most dramatic. Not seven episodes into the second season, the plug was pulled. Certain scripts never got filmed, and one episode, filmed and in the can, has never been seen, either in syndication, home video, or the internet.

The episode, which would have been the thirtieth, is called "Wet Feet", and it seems unlikely to be seen anytime soon. Despite M*A*S*H being a hit on home video and many episodes of AfterMASH being available on the internet, this one seems set to remain lost, as the rights-holders have expressed no interest in releasing the series, which has acquired a reputation as being very bad, oddly despite how few today have actually seen it, or even know it existed. The final episodes dealt with Klinger actually being detained in the hospital's psych ward as the Potters tried to help Soon-Lee and her baby son by Klinger. The exact plot of "Wet Feet", however, is wholly unknown as of this time.

Update 02-02-19

It has been found! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lje1uGvFBI0