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Why Mario is Secretly a Dick With a Mustache After Hours

The cut version of the episode currently used on Cracked and later YouTube.

After Hours has had slightly different cuts of its episodes in the past (one being the "The Best Super Power (Is Not What You Think)" episode, which was either censored or not censored on Katie's "Motherfuckers" line, depending on whether you watched the Cracked.com or YouTube version) and one of them was the "Why Mario is Secretly a Douchebag" episode. Specifically, the first time Cracked uploaded the episode to YouTube (after they had originally put it on Cracked) they noted in the comments that it was a special extended version that was only made available here on YouTube.

This cut was different from the original in that when Micheal says "no genitals," it cuts to a picture of Bowser with a magnifying glass over his crotch to illustrate Micheal's point and after he asks "What other man does that?", instead of it immediately cutting to Katie saying "The Castlevania guy," it instead shows the Peach-resembling waitress asking about Luigi, Micheal shunning his head and then back to Katie saying "Oh, the Castlevania guy."


Cracked After Hours Season 2 Teaser

A teaser for Season 2 that includes different footage from both cuts of the episode.

This version of the episode was later removed from their YouTube channel because of copyright reasons (possibly the stock render of Bowser that was used, despite the fact the series gets away with using other things from the Mario series in the episode as well as using copyrighted movie and television clips throughout the entire series) and assumedly because of this it might be why they uploaded the normal version in its place. And while it's possible no one may have copied this specific upload while it was available, it's also worth noting that the teaser for the second season of After Hours also has footage for the Mario episode that is unused or not seen on-screen.