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The pilot to Alexa and Katie was a 2010 Keebler ad.

Plot: Alexa and Katie share Keebler cookies. This is Alexa and Katie when they are little kids.

Script: (Alexa and Katie come in the house)

Katie: Hi mom!

Katie's mom: How was school today?

Alexa and Katie: GOOD!

(They run to the cabinet. They have Keebler cookies. Katie looks at Alexa. Alexa looks at Katie. Katie gives Alexa a remaining cookie.)

Alexa: Thank you!

(Katie looks down at the empty cookie container. She sees that there's one cookie left. She is about to eat it. Then Ernie stands next to a toaster.)

Ernie: Phew!

(Ernie stretches out and takes his hat off. Cartoon elves make the cookies Alexa and Katie shared.)

Narrator: We make our cookies in the way Keebler elves can! With a little something extra, so everybody can be uncommonly good.

Note: Alexa and Katie aired on Netflix in 2018.