Alice The Creeper was an unreleased series of short films. All that is known about it is that it was planned to be directed by a Macedonian group of animators and it was meant to be animated in 2011. It was halted a few times before the decision to fully cancel it was made in January 2011. A year after, one copy had been sold in a convention in West Skopje, Macedonia. It had been bought and it was posted to a now-defunct site in late 2012. It is unclear if any kind of media will show up and if any copies exist. If a copy has survived the internet will release it for download. But the person who bought it deleted it off the site on May 2012 and only a .jpg and a low-quality video have surfaced as of now, though all have been archived. There is no sign of a full 3 minute short ever seeing the light of day. Somewhere out there, there is a DVD with all 12 shorts, but it has not been proven.

UPDATE 21/04/17: 20 seconds of one of the test reels was found to be in existence by a former employee who worked on the series of shorts in 2011. He said he won't release it due to extreme copyright laws since the fragment contains music from Tiffany Darwish as well as Hanson. The DVD has yet to be sold and/or released.

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