Lost Media Archive

If many of you reading this out there are massive horror fans, then you've definitely heard of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, a movie and film series based on a cannibalistic killer named Leatherface and his family, who terrorize visitors to their territories in the desolate Texas countryside, and then proceeds to kill the visitors and then cook them.


Due to the major success of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Parts 1 and 2, Tobe Hooper, William Hooper, and Bill Moseley decided to make a spin-off film off of one of the characters from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2: Chop Top. According to what's been known about the plot of this film, Chop Top survives a fall from the previous movie that supposedly kill him, according to the fans who saw the movie for the first time. Chop Top ends up in prison, and journalists attempt to interview Chop Top and to learn about him and his backstory. And then throughout the film, Chop Top would proceed to carry out a string of murders, which is what you would typically find in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.


Production for this film began in 1999. It would proceed to become a 15-minute short., but then was expanded to a 60-minute film. A website was also released to promote the film, as well as a trailer. The movie was set to release on October 31, 2000. Despite all the promotional material that was floating around in regards to this film, the movie never premiered in any theaters it was set to be in, making it lost media.


And as of May 26, 2021, this movie has still not been publicly released. However, some footage of this movie has been presumably leaked. The first case was when 35 mm tapes, negatives, and high 8 tapes were found in a locker in a storage facility, belonging to one of the producers of the film. This was then sold on Ebay, and is now in possession of someone else. To whom this footage belongs to now is unknown. The second case would also be a clip of Buckethead (who did some songs related to Texas Chainsaw Massacre on two of his albums) playing Leatherface in a black-and-white video. This was found in March of 2020 in a compilation of clips used by Buckethead for concerts or just miscellaneous footage used to promote the band or anything Buckethead related.

So far, as of now, these have been the only cases of footage we have seen related to the actual film. Despite the trailer and this footage being released, no full movie has seen the light of day, even over 20 years later. As for the wesbite, the domain no longer works, as it leads you to an under construction page for Abominable Entertainment, which is the production company run by William Hooper. And also since the website was built using Flash, no archives of this site or its web pages exist anywhere on the internet, as it is harder to archive websites from Flash than from just a typical regular domain.

Potential Re-Release

William Hooper is currently trying to buy the rights to Chop Top from Sony so the movie can be released under his name. It is rumored that this would be a crowd-funded project, as William will use all the donations made by the fans themselves to pay for it. This, however, is still in the works, and it is unknown if this will work or how long it will take for this to work, as it has been over 20 years since the initial release date for the film has been announced.