Alvin Hung and the Gofags is a 2017 web animated movie made by Cianan Irvine and reuploaded by Nahpets2345

The movie centers around Alvin Hung who has to save Goanimate when the GoFags turn it into FutureAnimate

Becoming Lost

In April of 2019 Nahpets2345 deleted his reupload of the movie stating that CoolBoy7750 the antagonist in the film is old news and that Alvin hung is not poor and that if he was Goanimate would not exist Here is his statement

"As for Alvin Hung And The Go!F*gs: The Movie, I deleted it as well because the movie was crap and it had some false info about Alvin Hung. Alvin Hung is not actually poor. He is actually rich. He already has like a lot of money, and if he was actually poor, he wouldn't be running GoAnimate/Vyond, nor would he have made it in the first place, even though he's no longer the CEO of the site. And about Alvin Hung's family, people don't actually know what his family really looks like in real life. Also, it was an Anti-CoolBoy7750 film, and Cianan Irvine (the original creator of the film) disowned and hates the movie nowadays. And to people who still like the movie, I'm sorry, but that movie is already gone forever, and it's not coming back anytime soon, even though it had over 46K views"

The film then became lost media


The film was found on 11th of June 2020 by YoYo TV

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