Alvin and the Chipmunks is a 2007 American live action computer animated musical comedy film directed by Tim Hill.

Here are The Found dubs

Arabic (Found)

Brazilian Portuguese (Found)

Bulgarian (Found)

Cantonese (Found)

Croatian (Found)

Czech (Found)

Danish (Found)

Dutch (Found)

English (Found)

European Portuguese (Found)

European Spanish (Found)

Finnish (Found)

French (Found)

German (Found)

Greek (Found)

Hebrew (Found)

Hindi (Found)

Hungarian (Found)

Icelandic (Found)

Italian (Found)

Japanese (Found)

Korean (Found)

Latin Spanish (Found)

Mandarin (Found)

Norwegian (Found)

Polish (Found)

Romanian (Found)

Russian (Found)

Slovak (Found)

Slovene (Found)

Swedish (Found)

Thai (Found)

Turkish (Found)

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