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Amphibia is an American television series created by Matt Braly that premiered on Disney Channel on June 17, 2019.


The series originally had a pilot episode that was Originally lost untill it Was Released to youtube on August 6, 2020,The Pilot was titled "Amphibiland" there is Not Much known about the Full Pilot Episode but the only Footage we have is a sizzle reel.


the theme song for the pilot has a Whole diffrent type of intro then the Final,it Sounds like the intro was Played on a Violin,in the final version,The theme song was animated in 4K, rather than the normal 1080p.

Listen to the theme here.


  • The character Sprig was Originally Named "Weed" for a Strange Reason.
  • Anne has both shoes but the Other one seems to be Broken.
  • Polly didnt Make it to the Sizzle reel but She does Exist in The Pilot.



  • The pilot's script was later rewitten into the Episode "Best Fronds".