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Angels of Jarm is a preschool television series that aired on Channel 5's Milkshake! block from 2007 to 2017. The show follows the lives of four angels, Ellie, Mick, Rafe and Gabriel, Living together in a house.


  1. It's Mine! (FOUND)
  2. The Picnic (FOUND)
  3. Prayers (FOUND)
  4. Sharing (FOUND)
  5. Hats off (FOUND)
  6. Fate (FOUND)
  7. It was him! (FOUND)
  8. Penny's cakes (FOUND)
  9. The Special meal (FOUND)
  10. Dad's day out (FOUND)
  11. Honesty is the best policy (FOUND)
  12. Fatima's Mum (FOUND)
  13. The New coat (FOUND)
  14. Super scooter (FOUND)
  15. Singing Angels (FOUND)
  16. Symbols (FOUND)
  17. Pick me (FOUND)
  18. Hungry Ephraim (FOUND)
  19. I'm bigger than you (FOUND)
  20. The caged bird (FOUND)
  21. Practice makes perfect (FOUND)
  22. A baby Sister (LOST)
  23. A jumper for Jess (LOST)
  24. Promises promises (LOST)
  25. Dusty day (LOST)
  26. Noel's tree (LOST)
  27. Food for Thought (LOST)
  28. Teacher trouble (LOST)
  29. Tidy those toys (LOST)
  30. Spoil sport (LOST)
  31. Piggy in the middle (LOST)
  32. Snow Angels (LOST)
  33. The camel (LOST)
  34. Toy day (LOST)
  35. Hello Hoppy (LOST)
  36. Wheelchair Wayne (LOST)
  37. Green fingers (FOUND)
  38. Jess in a mess (FOUND)
  39. Better safe than sorry (FOUND)
  40. I can't do it (FOUND)
  41. Broken toy (FOUND)
  42. Help I'm stuck (FOUND)
  43. The new boy (FOUND)
  44. Holiday (FOUND)
  45. Every cloud (FOUND)
  46. Helping Otto (FOUND)
  47. Best friends (FOUND)
  48. Animals have feelings too (FOUND)
  49. Missing Murali (FOUND)
  50. Let's make music (FOUND)
  51. The Chicken (FOUND)
  52. Don't Touch (FOUND)
  53. Poems and Prayers (FOUND)
  54. Pulling Together (FOUND)
  55. Patience Pays (FOUND)