Angry Archie and the Chocolate Prune Juice was a YouTube Poop created in 2014, the video starts off with Miss Hoolie entering the nursery, then says "Hello, I'm Miss Hoolie. What's your name?" it then replies with the word "MAMA LUIGI!" she then replies "Of course, so what's the story in Balamory?" it then plays creepy music while zooming into Miss Hoolie's face for 5 seconds before continuing with the episode, Archie comes in and asks Miss Hoolie that's he's got something to show her, it then cuts to a picture of Miss Hoolie in a disgusted face when playing a short flatuence sound effect, Archie puts his hand in his bag taking out a hot air balloon he replies "The children will be very pleased with that." Miss Hoolie replies to Archie that they'll love it, she then tries to hold the balloon and Archie says that she's got sticky fingers, Archie tries to put a chick into his hot air balloon while the music from Jaws plays in the background, Miss Hoolie says that it's very sticky I'm afraid, Archie replies that it's stuck to him now. Miss Hoolie tries to help Archie but he wouldn't let her as her hands are very sticky to hold the chick, Archie got angry when the chick got stuck on his hands, he then starts swearing which is bleeped out before popping the balloon, Miss Hoolie says the 's' word before Archie got so upset that he has to make another balloon, the rest stops here.

The video was taken down due to copyright infringement and the user was been terminated afterwards, the only remains of the video is only an edited version of a fake SHOUTit FM YouTube channel but sometime during 2018? the strike was gone but maybe the video is still copyrighted in some places

The link of the video was here!

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