Everyone, the search has officially ended, everything we would like to say is below, also angry birds biggest fan/square cereal can you please not dm me much in discord you kind of freaking me out me out a bit.

We all have parted ways now and are not searching for them anymore. Mostly because we hit dead ends to everything we tried. Look for website urls, DEAD. Contact devs of the games and Rovio staff at that time, either they wouldn't respond or they say they didn't remember. Download Angry Birds Friends before the story levels were removed, we were missing files or a server to run the game. The only thing we ever did and find was, the Ultrabook Adventure levels on Angry Birds Seasons Android version, saving Angry Birds Volcano, and restoring Angry Birds Chrome and finding all the unused assets relating to the other webgames. It was also a bumber that our article was taken off the OG lost media wiki. I'd say the best thing about this search was the friends we made along the way. Thanks for a fun search it was worth it.

Final update to the page, Angry BIrds Biggest Fan/Square Cereal has attempted to try to commit seaside, I had a talk about this with TwilitSparklz11/ Superfishmemez and we agree that it's over I'm not gonna be searching for this if someone is gonna kill themselves for lost media. If you do stumble on this page just don't update it ever as the search is done and over. Thanks for this 3 year long search.

--Magic Jewelry Nerd

Angry Birds is a game beloved by many. It has had a few versions that can be played online. Currently, majority of the official online versions of the game have been discontinued and are lost.

As of now, only 4 official online versions of the game remain (Angry Birds Friends, Venatus Angry Birds, Angry Birds Volcano, and Angry Birds for Facebook+Messenger), with Chrome being cache-able, and Volcano being free-to-play.

The reason most of the online games were shut down was because Rovio's permission to use the copyrighted IPs have expired, so they would not be able to release them again. Another reason is because Rovio has since wanted to shift their focus towards mobile gaming, as they no longer view browser gaming as profitable. (It's for this reason the official PC versions of the Angry Birds games are no longer available for purchase)

List of games




  • Angry Birds Breakfast 3 (Discontinued, lost)
  • Angry Birds Heikki (The found SWF file is just a loader, the assets are lost)
  • Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook 1+2 (Discontinued, may not able to come back for the same reasons of Angry Birds Rio/Star Wars discontinued)
  • Angry Birds Vuela Tazos (Possibly discontinued, but lost)
  • Angry Birds Cheetos (Unknown, lost)
  • Angry Birds Lotus F1 Team (Closed, lost)
  • Angry Birds McDonald's (As of now, the address mcd.angrybirds.com redirects to angrybirds.com, so it could be closed)
  • Angry Birds Coca-Cola (Same as before, the website redirects to the Angry Birds website, so it could possibly be closed. You can watch the trailer below)

Angry Birds Coca-Cola China Olympics

  • Angry Birds Fuji TV (Discontinued, has some assets in Angry Birds Chrome)
  • Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure (Unknown, has some assets on the OS X version of Angry Birds Seasons.) (Also there are 4 levels exclusive to the Android version of Angry Birds Seasons based on Ultrabook Adventure)
  • Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles (Unknown, lost)
  • Angry Birds Google+ (Closed along with Google+ Gaming Service, has some assets in Angry Birds Chrome)
  • Angry Birds Flash (Unreleased, lost)


  • Angry Birds Under Pigstruction (Lost Canadian beta of Angry Birds 2, the Android version was tricked as a virus and might not exist, the IOS version was found by Wikia user Riga2ruALT so the Android version could be out there but we can't play the IOS version due to Apple's restrictions (Since Apple stopped jailbreaking, you can only play on a strange way, as it would be deleted after 7 days),  as of now it is still lost)


UPDATE 4/8/17: User 3RDCLASS told me that Angry Birds Chrome can be cached to play offline, but only has the first page of Poached Eggs. That means that if that game can be cached, the others might. Might. It's still not confirmed.

See ya l8er! ;) --


19:00, April 8, 2017 (UTC)

SUPER LATE UPDATE 3/6/19: User TacoDew reports that Angry Birds Breakfast no longer works.

Update 3/6/19: Angry Birds Friends is now Angry Birds League.

Super Late Update #2, 6/2/2019: Angry Birds Heikki is now available for play on this link: http://www.templerun2.com/games/angry-birds-heikki.swf Thanks, David Ganon! -TheSponge231 6/2/2019

UPDATE: 6/24/19: I tried playing Angry Birds Heikki and even though it does work, the loading bar doesn't progess, so I hope someone can help

SUPER LATE UPDATE #3 8/25/2019 TacoDew tolds me Angry Birds Volcano can play on third-party website (without permission with Rovio). --TwilightSparkleLover11 (talk) 10:58, August 25, 2019 (UTC)


Jack3010 may has Angry Birds Breakfast 3, so try to find it. Everyone wants to play. --TwilightSparkleLover11 (talk) 05:59, November 18, 2019 (UTC)

Don't have backup files of Telepizza, the disks were destroyed for being unlicensed. and, decided to focus on Ultrabook Adventures recreation. --Jack3010

I have a problem with WebGL version of Friends similar to my find of Heikki it just works but the loading bar doesn't progress if someone could replace the file of the game to the APK or Appx versions of the game that would work better i need a new version since i want to upload it to the chrome webstore --David Gannon

This is the first update of the new year and I've got great news to share for you all. First AngryBirdsBiggestFan2345 found a version of Angry Birds for the Airplane. IDK how we would get this version as it is pretty unknown but he wanted to let us know that it is out there. Second, during my winter break on my brand new Android Tablet I found a great discovery. In the Android version of Angry Birds Seasons, there is a Intel egg you can unlock by opening the 5th level in Winter Wonderham. After unlocking it, you get 4 brand new levels all based on Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure. After playing those levels, I looked at the Cutting Room Floor's page on Angry Birds Seasons Mac OS X version witch is a page that was passed over 2 years ago on this page and saw that the unused assets were actually leftovers from these Android levels. However the best discovery is that when you look at these file names for the Intel egg levels, they are a .json file witch could help recreate Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure. That is all I have to say in the New Year Update today, I will leave 3 links below about what Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure is if you are new to this page and 2 YouTube links one for the Facebook levels for Ultrabook Adventure and second for the Android levels. thanks for reading I'll see you in the comment section.

  1. Angry Birds wiki link about Ultrabook Adventure, https://angrybirds.fandom.com/wiki/Angry_Birds_in_Ultrabook%E2%84%A2_Adventure
  2. Facebook levels, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7FyWssEfW8
  3. Android levels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUlAQhDR0u0

Sincerly, Magic Jewelry Nerd 1/9/20


Story Levels and Bird O Matic in Friends are GONE. ROVIO HAS A HATRED FOR THESE WEB GAMES NOW. Since this and the website that held other lost games are done, development has started on a project called Angry Birds: The Lost Levels that will recreate everything Rovio has thrown in the garbage.

Sincerly, Magic Jewelry Nerd

3/30/20 Jack3010 seems to have died disappeared, so we must go on a great quest to find golden pistachios! OR SHOULD I SAY LET'S "HUNT FOR THE GOLDEN PISTACHIO"?! anyone? nope? okay. LET'S GO FIND THE BEST CHILDREN'S PIGSLAUGHTER CAMPAINGN GAME IN ALL OF HISTORY! no but seriously we need that disk. Sincerely, AngeryBordsVolcano

Sorry @Magic Jewelry Nerd and @David Ganon I will not be online these time because the reasons below and also I am experencing troubles with my mobile phone because it takes a long time to log in Discord and when I trying to click the IP verify link in my e-mail it saids the link was expired (Just in some seconds?!) so I only can experience Discord on mt computer at home, sorry

--SuperfishMEMZ, an ABORSP member (talk) 03:24, May 15, 2020 (UTC)

Edit: 11/14/20

The wiki user “Tulon888” says that he found Angry Birds Breakfast 3, but he says its just a arrow pointing out

- PersonThatDrinksJuice

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