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"Angry Birds" is a game beloved by many. It has had a few versions that can be played online. Currently, majority of the official online versions of the game have been discontinued and are lost.

As of now, only official online versions of the game remain ("Angry Birds Friends, Angry Birds Volcano, Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles, Angry Birds Pistachios"), with Chrome being cache-able, and Volcano being free-to-play.

The reason most of the online games were shut down was because Rovio's permission to use the copyrighted IPs have expired, so they would not be able to release them again. Another reason is because Rovio has since wanted to shift their focus towards mobile gaming, as they no longer view browser gaming as profitable. (It's for this reason the official PC versions of the Angry Birds games are no longer available for purchase).

List of Games



Partially Found


  • Angry Birds Skills (Page found and hosted at fruitshoot.com, but unplayable because of it's discontinuation. https://www.angrybirds.fruitshoot.com/en_GB/home)
  • Angry Birds POP! Facebook (Page found with Appspot, but unplayable because of it's discontinuation. https://kupla-fb-prod.appspot.com/canvas?&ref=br_tf)
  • Angry Birds Google+ (Closed along with Google+ Gaming Service, has some assets in Angry Birds Chrome and in the other found HTML5 Angry Birds games)
  • Angry Birds Flash (An tech demo game was showed off in Adobe MAX 2011, but the full game was not released or cancelled. It's assets was discovered in Level editor and it's sucessor are Angry Birds Friends for Facebook)
  • Angry Birds Opera (Launched in October 13, 2011 and closed on next day. We don't know, it's just an mockup game)


[1] UPDATE 4/8/17: User 3RDCLASS told me that Angry Birds Chrome can be cached to play offline, but only has the first page of Poached Eggs. That means that if that game can be cached, the others might. Might. It's still not confirmed.

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19:00, April 8, 2017 (UTC)

SUPER LATE UPDATE 3/6/19: User TacoDew reports that Angry Birds Breakfast no longer works.

Update 3/6/19: Angry Birds Friends is now Angry Birds League. (This is false)

Super Late Update #2, 6/2/2019: Angry Birds Heikki was found at the following site: https://angrybirds-heikki.appspot.com

UPDATE: 6/24/19: I tried playing Angry Birds Heikki and it never worked.

SUPER LATE UPDATE #3 8/25/2019 Dew told me that you can play Angry Birds Volcano on third-party websites. (talk) 10:58, August 25, 2019 (UTC)


Jack3010 may has Angry Birds Breakfast 3, so try to find it. Everyone wants to play. --TwilightSparkleLover11 (talk) 05:59, November 18, 2019 (UTC)

Don't have backup files of Telepizza, the disks were destroyed for being unlicensed. and, decided to focus on Ultrabook Adventures recreation. --Jack3010

I have a problem with WebGL version of Friends similar to my find of Heikki it just works but the loading bar doesn't progress if someone could replace the file of the game to the APK or Appx versions of the game that would work better i need a new version since i want to upload it to the chrome webstore --David Gannon

This is the first update of the new year and I've got great news to share for you all. First AngryBirdsBiggestFan2345 found a version of Angry Birds for the Airplane. IDK how we would get this version as it is pretty unknown but he wanted to let us know that it is out there. Second, during my winter break on my brand new Android Tablet I found a great discovery. In the Android version of Angry Birds Seasons, there is a Intel egg you can unlock by opening the 5th level in Winter Wonderham. After unlocking it, you get 4 brand new levels all based on Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure. After playing those levels, I looked at the Cutting Room Floor's page on Angry Birds Seasons Mac OS X version witch is a page that was passed over 2 years ago on this page and saw that the unused assets were actually leftovers from these Android levels. However the best discovery is that when you look at these file names for the Intel egg levels, they are a .json file witch could help recreate Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure. That is all I have to say in the New Year Update today, I will leave 3 links below about what Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure is if you are new to this page and 2 YouTube links one for the Facebook levels for Ultrabook Adventure and second for the Android levels. thanks for reading I'll see you in the comment section.

  1. Angry Birds wiki link about Ultrabook Adventure, https://angrybirds.fandom.com/wiki/Angry_Birds_in_Ultrabook%E2%84%A2_Adventure
  2. Facebook levels,
  3. Android levels. Sincerely, Magic Jewelry Nerd 1/9/20


Story Levels and Bird-O-Matic in Friends are GONE. ROVIO HAS A HATRED FOR THESE WEB GAMES NOW. Since this and the website that held other lost games are done, development has started on a project called Angry Birds: The Lost Levels that will recreate everything Rovio has thrown in the garbage.

Sincerely, Magic Jewelry Nerd

3/30/20: An Angry Birds game was found.

Sorry @Magic Jewelry Nerd and @David Ganon I will not be online these time because the reasons below and also I am experiencing troubles with my mobile phone because it takes a long time to log in Discord and when I trying to click the IP verify link in my e-mail it said the link was expired (Just in some seconds?!) so I only can experience Discord on mt computer at home, sorry

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Edit: 11/14/20

The wiki user “Tulon888” says that he found Angry Birds Breakfast 3, but he says its just a arrow pointing out

- PersonThatDrinksJuice


Inside Heikki’s file, there is some assets for Coca-Cola

- Juba315