If you're familar with the Angry Birds series, you might know of a series of shorts called Angry Birds Toons. When it was greenlit, 4 seasons were announced, and 52 episodes were to be aired. Season 4 was never released. As the Toons series ended in Season 3. A page on ImDb lists one season 4 episode; A Halloween episode involving Ruby (female Red, appears in AB Seasons) & Ice Bird. Ice Bird is an extraterrestial bird (look at his page on the AB Fandom Wiki for more facts) and only appeared in AB Space. Despite him and Ruby not appearing in Toons anywhere. They're mentioned. It's possible that Bubbles would've appeared too. The episode was deleted from ImDb's website soon after. It seems that season 4's episodes were merged in with season 3 to reach 52 episodes. Or season 4 had various episodes that were never finished. If anyone has contact with Rovio here, please tell them if there was a season 4 planned or made or if it was merged with season 3 of Angry Birds Toons. And tell them anything involving the episodes. Put any questions in comments.

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