Angry Kid: Porkchop (Found episode of British animated series)

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Angry Kid Porkchop 1.jpg
Screenshot which later became clipart for the show.

Angry Kid is a British animated series made by Darren Walsh who acted as the title character. The show aired on the BBC, Channel 4, and as of season 3, Youtube. It was animated by Aardman Animations. But unlike Aardman's normal kids content like Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and Morph, Angry Kid is made for teens and adults.

Lost Episodes

There were 3 episodes lost which weren't uploaded on the official Youtube channel. The episodes were "Green Cross Code", "Marathon Man", and "Porkchop". The first two episodes mentioned were found and can be viewed on Youtube, but "Porkchop" remains unuploaded. There's no information about the episode because the show wasn't popular enough. There only remain two screenshots.


I found the "episode". It turns out it wasn't an episode but a animation for a menu select screen for the DVD of season one of Angry Kid.

Skip to 2:02 for the animation.

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