Lost Media Archive

The Animal Alphabet series was a 26-part series of clips uploaded on the Milkshake! part of the Channel Five website in 2009. Each segment would include a certain animal for each letter until the series was pulled from the website somewhere in the later 2010s. Some examples include the letter I, an iguana eating an ice cream cone to show all about the letter I, or letter B being about bees and their roles in the hive. Each small segment aimed at getting kids to learn about animals through their ABC's, which was organized in a 4-5 minute long clip. The only way we can confirm the existence of this show is a title in the files of the Milkshake! web page featuring the old title. Any other information, video or images are considered lost.

Since the series was taken down somewhere in 2016, it is far unlikely that we will ever see any uploads of these videos, and as far as we know, the series as a whole has been lost without any recoveries known or posted online.

Dedennedillo, 4th December

I actually remember some. D for Donkey, K for KuneKune Pigs, Q for Queen Bee, X for X-Ray Fish (A presenter in front of a greenscreen of a stock picture of an X-Ray Fish) and Y for Yellow-Cheeked Gibbon. Whilst I have nothing to show, I hope this gave you a better understanding. I contacted Milkshake about the clips, hope they respond.