Lost Media Archive

List of lost or deleted scenes

Alternative Opening

Socrates The Lion hugs Elsa The Russian Blue Cat

Alternative Ending

Quito Talk with Toby

The Conference

Hunter Talk Telefone with Toto

Professor Honey Badger not this a walking

Billy in the Dolphin Show

Tapir Wants Desforestation

Skunk Wants Desforestation

Billy Meet Shakira The Ostrich

Billy Meet Henry The Hippopotamus

Quito & Ken at The Airport

Mr. Smith Who Did Key with Maya Smith and Elsa The Cat

Oscar The Penguin Wants Global Warming

What Do Don't Eats Thomas The Turkey

Thomas The Turkey Escape

Alternative Turtle Speech

Socrates The Lion Meet Elsa The Russian Blue Cat

Dolphin Play with Billy

Junior Meet Croc The Nile Crocodile with his Female Crocodile Wife with Egg

Stinky Skunk's Vomit

Turtle Escape at The Boat

Bart The Rottweiler Bitten by Termite

Fast The Cheetah Meets Socrates the Lion Father