Animaltube.TV (Lost old videos of YouTube Channel; 2016-2019)

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Animaltube.TV was a very popular YouTube Channel back in the mid 2016's-2018's whereas the channel gained millions and millions of subscribers on a daily basis. The channel is still up however and is famous for their cat, dog, bird, and wild animal related videos. In fact, a couple of people find their videos 'nostalgic' because of this.

However, strangely, on March 21, 2019. All their old videos got deleted and became lost because they have unfortunately restarted their channel for reasons they have never explained, which made people (fans) angry.

To this day, all their old videos with the original footage and quality still remain lost.

Websites/channels such as Puppy Care World and Buy Your Pet Supplies Online are interested in searching AnimalTubeTV’s old videos. However, they are not experts on finding lost media, but they are interested to do so anyways.

How their old videos looked like

This is about how their old videos looked, and how they were structured.

  • They had a completely different logo for their old-videos channel. In their current channel with the newer videos, they don't bring up the new logo. Not to mention that they were originally called “AnimalTube” in their golden days.
  • They always had information boxes on each number of the animal they rank, they do this to provide readers biographic sense on the specie. In their new channel, they don't do that anymore and rather have a real human (mostly a male) voice speak out the facts.
  • Their old intro was a sound effect mixing a roar from a lion and a man yawning, along with creature sounds and the screen later goes black when the animal shuts it's eyes on the screen.
  • Everything was silent in the videos they posted with songs to have you relax/listen. Now in the newer videos, it's talk-overs.
  • In their old thumbnails, they placed any animal on it and labeled it, for example: "Top 10 Strongest Dog Breeds" with some type of straighter font, and often color the bottom of their animal name (ex: dog) into yellow.
The only real footage of one of their old videos (in low quality).


  • Some people think that they just put all the old videos in private. However, their website says and contains that "This video is unavailable" which means they have permanently deleted them.
  • A couple of people still believe they made a new channel for the old videos. However, this has been debunked false, as the videos themselves are not viewable anywhere.
  • People suppose that the videos they posted with the old thumbnails are brought back videos. However, the truth is, it's clearly proved they just reused the old thumbnails for their newer videos, as their proven newest videos are from 2019, 2020, and 2021.


No updates at the moment. So please look on websites such as “The Wayback Machine” and “” to check if there are any traces of old content left behind archived from the channel of AnimalTube (their old videos).

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