Animaniacs is an american cartoon made for Fox Kids and Kids' WB, and there was a portuguese dub, but it there aren't lots of clips on the internet

There used to be other clips on internet, but they are gone

UPDATE 1: Yakko Warner told me if I give her the intro's lyrics, she would give me some episodes

UPDATE 2: The Episode 30 was found:

UPDATE 3: The Episode 31 was also found, but it is incomplete:

UPDATE 4: Another episode was (partially) found, and it's the 13th episode:, making one of the lost videos of the cartoon in portuguese being now found!

UPDATE 5: The episode 35 was also found, but some parts are audioless, glitched, the final was overwrited with a bumper of X-MEN, and a glitch-bar cover the RTP1 logo in 3/4 of the recording:, now two deleted clips are found again

UPDATE 6: One of the four videos above was deleted

UPDATE 6.5: Never mind, the clip is from the episode 35, so it is found again

UPDATE 7: Now I realize that the midoled's video have 8 endings, since 4 episodes are now found, so 8 episodes or more were possible found, or the user only wanted 8 endings

UPDATE 8: The episode 37 was partially found, missing a fragment of the intro and the credits:

UPDATE 9: My former fandom account was kinda deleted, same for my Facebook, were I get the episodes, so, that's a goodbye for the dub


Screenshot of Wakko's America


Rtp1 (2).png


More screenshots

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