In 2014, some European Boomerang's reaired Animaniacs, Boomerang Russia was also airing Animaniacs during that time, but it is more or less lost right now, because it only aired for one year, some users posted some clips in Russian (2014), it was sadly terminated, now only this clips survive.


Animaniacs Wakko's America - russian new dubbing (Boomerang)-0


Animaniacs Yakko's Universe - russian new dubbing (Boomerang)

Full 4 episodes you can find here (available now only 19 episodes, other was blocked due copyright violation):


Animaniacs Pinky and the Brain Intro - russian new dubbing (Boomerang)-0

1 episode:

2 episode:

3 episode:

4 episode:

19 episode:

Update: Episode 1 2 3 On have been since Takendown Due To Copyright Making The 3 Episodes Unavailable Lost


Animaniacs Pinky and the Brain - russian new dubbing (Boomerang)

And fortunately, the theme song of the dub was found:


Animaniacs - Wheel of Morality (Russian)


Animaniacs - All songs in H.M.S. Yakko (Russian 2014)


Animaniacs - Song of the roofs (Russian 2014)

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