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Screenshot of the Etiquette Song in Japanese clip found on youtube

Animaniacs is a show was created by Steven Spielberg and aired from 1993 to 1998. It got a Japanese dub that aired on TV Tokyo from 10 July to 25 December 1996. Only 13 episodes aired out of the 99 episodes in the series. It later aired on Cartoon Network Japan from 1999 to the 2000s. It got a streaming release on Boomerang Japan, but was removed.

One thing, that's interesting about this dub is the voice acting. The Warner siblings are voiced by prominent voice actors in the anime community.

  • Yakko is voiced by Ryusei Nakao (most well known for voicing Frieza in Dragon Ball Z)
  • Wakko is voiced by Yū Mizushima (most well known for voicing Napoleon in One Piece)
  • Dot is voiced by Ikue Ōtani (most well known for voicing Pikachu in Pokemon)

Only a few audio clips exist online which can be found in this livejournal post: https://keeper1st.livejournal.com/38665.html

Update 07 Aug. 2021 - The 7 Episode has been found in its entirety.

There are some other audio clips currently synced with footage on YouTube (such as the songs Yakko's World and Yakko's Universe) but episodes in their entirety have yet to be found.

Theme Song:


Etiquette Song:


Yakko's World:


Rita and Runt (Les Miseranimals) clip:


Yakko's Universe:


Dot's quip about Madonna: